First blog post

So yeah. This is my first blogpost. It’s Sunday, the 4th of September, 2016 and I’m sitting on the couch, typing away. My suitcase is almost completely packed (and not yet exceeding the weight limit!), my MP3 has the latest two albums of F.T. Island on it, and I’ve installed VPN software on my laptop and my phone, so bypassing the Great Firewall should not be an issue, but I’ll guess I find that out once I actually get there.

So here are a few details:

x. my flight departures on the 8th of September (Brussels – Beijing – Shanghai).

x. from Shanghai we’ll take the bullet train (yeah that’s right, we, I’m going together with a classmate of mine) to Hangzhou. I’ll assume we will take a cab to get from the railway station to the university, but we’ll see once we get there.

x. I’ll be attending Hangzhou Zhejiang University.

For this first blogpost I don’t have an awful lot to say but I’ll think I’ll post another update on the day before I leave.


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