Pre-departure day!

“Do I have enough socks with me..?” I wonder as I look at my suitcase. I can barely close it so I assume I have enough of everything in there. Tomorrow is departure day, so the last few days I have been stuffing my face with everything that I probably won’t be able to eat for a while : dark chocolate, all sorts of cookies, ice cream, pepernoten, more chocolate.. I’ve been on a constant sugar-high.

My emotions so far have been very mixed : stressed out about packing, sad for leaving my beloved horses behind, anxious, excited and happy that I’m really going to do this. I feel like I’m ready and I hope that I am. I have no clue what to expect except for some really hot sticky sweaty weather (Hangzhou – currently about 30 degrees Celcius and a 60% humidity).

I’m just really glad and relieved that a classmate is coming along with me and that we can make this trip together. For now, thank you everyone for your sweet wishes and till the next update!




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